Corporate Training

On-site Training

We provide specialized skill development for companies, agencies and organizations where a group of individuals attend Institute of Career Continuity in order to improve their job skills and performance.

With ICC's specialized training, professionals will be able to advance at their place of employment.

Off-site Training

At ICC we offer corporate training opportunities for any of our programs.  Our faculty - NY State Department of Education certified instructors, will provide training at your corporate location, thus reducing your employees travel time and make learning easier and more comfortable in the familiar setting.  

Corporate training is specifically designed and provides specialized skills development for companies, agencies, and organizations, and allows medical professionals to advance at their place of employment.  Employees will benefit from upgrading their skills, learning latest trends, and improve job performance.

We understand fast-paced industry changes and can help your organization foster culture of learning and advancement in the employees. Contact us for more information about our corporate off-site training.


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