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English as a Second Language

The Intensive English Program (600 hours) offers English language classes to help foreign and non-English speaking students master their ability to communicate effectively in English. It consists of six levels of ESL courses from Beginner to High Advanced, with an additional course in English Writing.

The mission of the Program is to enable students to become proficient in the use of English language, both written and spoken, to encourage them to think critically, and to express themselves effectively.

Based on the Whole language approach, the courses in the Program will prepare the students to use correct grammar structures, appropriate vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions. Consequently, they will be able to communicate both orally and in writing on a variety of topics, including but not limited to social, economic, interpersonal, and political issues.

Upon completion of this Program, students will be able to continue their professional studies in mainstream classes. They will gain knowledge necessary to address the challenges in the work place and in our multicultural society.

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