Medical Assistant

  • Job Openings
  • Salary Range
  • Salary of Top 10%
  • 3,800+
  • $23,000 - $50,000
  • $45,900
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Important Facts

Medical Assistants are in very high demand in the field of healthcare. As a medical assistant, you will be working with healthcare professionals, and you will be qualified to assist with patient assessments, examinations, obtaining laboratory specimens, performing electrocardiograms, providing patient education, and much more. With the right training, Medical Assistants can also be qualified to perform important administrative tasks such as billing and electronic health record management.

Our Medical Assistant programs prepare you for up to 6 certifications and as a result maximize your access to new job opportunities and advancement.

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Course Overview

Clinical Medical Assistant:
540 hours, including a 150-hour clinical externship
Emphasis on clinical skills and competencies

Medical Assistant:
900 hours, including a 276-hour clinical externship
Emphasis on clinical and administrative skills and competencies

Regardless of the option that you choose, these programs are designed to give you the flexibility to skillfully perform responsibilities, both general and specific, required in the healthcare field. The program culminates with an externship, further readying the student to contribute to a medical office environment. Medical Assisting students will exit the program with a thorough knowledge of the equipment, processes, terminology, ethics and laws involved in medical practices.
Certification Exams

Medical Assistant (CCMA), Phlebotomy Technician (CPT), EKG Technician (CET), Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA), Electronic Health Records (CEHRS), Billing and CodingSpecialist (CBCS), Microsoft Office Certification (MOS)


Clinics, hospitals, community health centers, nursing homes, doctors' offices, outpatient facilities and other healthcare facilities

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* Job search results on conducted November-December 2018
**US Bureau of Labor Statistics