Financial Assistance

New Student Orientation

The orientation session is designed to support new students as they begin their journey at ICC. During the session, new students will be introduced to life at the institute, from academics and community norms to resources and support services.

ICC’s orientation advisers will be available to answer students’ questions, hear students’ concerns, and share in their excitement about joining ICC.

Academic Advisement

At ICC, academic advisement is an approach that is both holistic and progressive. ICC’s academic advisers are trained to recognize students’ strengths, weaknesses and unique skill sets that will bring them on the road to a creative, dynamic, and rewarding careers.

One of the roles of academic advisers is to create a strong partnership between a student and ICC’s administrative staff and faculty that will allow every student to succeed and reach their full academic potential.


The goal of ICC's tutoring service is to promote students’ academic success. Each student is encouraged to seek academic assistance from their course instructors, peer tutors and staff tutors. The tutors will assist students in developing better learning skills, strengthening their knowledge and creating useful educational strategies.

Career Services

The success of ICC’s graduates in the work place is one of the many reasons students choose
ICC. From the very first day of the students’ enrollment at ICC, the Institutes’ faculty and staff emphasize their ’ future employability and success in the professional work place.  Career advisers help students to achieve their careers goals, to experience personal development and
satisfaction. Among the tools used by ICC’s career advisers, are the Myers Briggs Type Inventory and the Strong Interest Inventory.

Although the Career Services staff works diligently to prepare students for job interviews, assists them in resume, and other job search documents writing, and teaches them various job search strategies, securing employment is ultimately the responsibility of the student.

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