Electronic Medical Billing & Coding

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This Electronic Medical Billing & Coding program is for you if:

  1. You want to work in healthcare, the fastest and one of the only job sectors to growing in this economy
  2. You don’t want to work on the frontline with patients, but you do want to be in medicine
  3. You want a healthcare job that will allow flexibility, including the option of starting your own business
  4. You are detail oriented
  5. If you want to study and prepare for a nationally recognized certification from the comfort of your home

Important Facts

Medical billing & coding specialists work in hospitals, clinics and physicians' offices to obtain accurate reimbursement for healthcare claims. They use specialized medical classification software to assign procedure and diagnosis codes for insurance billing. Coders also review claims data to ensure that assigned codes meet required legal and insurance rules, and that required signatures and authorizations are in place prior to submission. If a claim is denied due to incorrect coding, the coding specialist conducts medical records research and corresponds with insurance companies and healthcare professionals to resolve the issue.

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Course Overview

This program will prepare students to work in billing and coding positions in a variety of medical settings. Students will learn the process of medical coding and billing and will study the reimbursement cycle from the initial encounter with the patient through managing accounts receivable. Every topic of the course will be followed by hands-on practice exercises which will allow students to better understand the area studied.

The program designed to help you upskill and gain new knowledge to advance your career in allied healthcare.
Certification Exams

NHA Billing and Coding Specialist certification (CBCS)


Hospitals, physicians’ offices, retirement homes, and government facilities

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*Job search results on Indeed.com conducted November-December 2018
** US Bureau of Labor Statistics, referencing Medical Records and Health Information Technicians