How Do I Choose the Best Health Career School?

As with anything important in life, some research and preparation are required.

You should look for a NY state licensed school that is qualified to train you for Allied health professions. Beyond the obvious factors such as price, the amount of time needed to complete the course, and having convenient and flexible scheduling options (i.e., day, evening, weekday, and weekend classes), you need to enquire about the following:

  1. How much time is the school willing to invest in my career and education planning? Early on, you will need a lot of advice to make sure that you are selecting the right course for you given you unique background and goals. You need to make sure that you are getting the best advice that is in your best interest, and not the schools.
  2. What is the student to teacher ratio in the class that I am planning to take? Given that you are training for a career in healthcare, you will benefit from having more access to the teacher in a setting that promotes support for each individual student. Smaller classes allow for greater engagement between student and teacher, and based on our experience, tend to produce better results.
  3. What kind of job placement support will I receive after I finish my course? One of the many advantages of pursuing a career in Allied health are the many job opportunities that exist in the NY area. What will separate a great school from a good school, is the amount of support and services that the school is willing to provide in helping you find your first job.

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We are a women-owned business, and as most founders, we are inspired by our unique backgrounds and experiences. Our President spent most of her career in medicine and our Head of Academics’ is a 35+ year veteran of higher education academic administration with advanced degrees from Columbia University and 20 years of deanship experience.

We wholeheartedly believe that with our unique approach to career planning, education, and job placement support, we can make a real and lasting difference in your life.

We have developed over 20 NY licensed programs that provide students with nationally certified credentials in clinical and administrative medical professions.

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